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Interim Program Director

Betsy Geist Betsy Geist , M.A. in Whole Systems Design, Antioch University, Seattle. Core faculty, Individualized Program. Betsy received her B.A. from Wellesley College in Sociology of Religion . Her career trail has included teaching, educational administration and organizational consulting. She participated in negotiations to establish sister city relations between Seattle and Chongqing, China and remains actively involved in "citizen diplomacy." She was a founding board member of the Mediation Consortium of Washington State, and has done a comparative study of Chinese and American approaches to law and "dispute resolution." Current explorations revolve around Mary Parker Follett, sustainability, "human economics," counterbalancing the "commodification trend," and the future of progressive higher education.

Individualized Program
Core Faculty

Farouk Seif Farouk Seif , Ph.D. in Design and Planning from the University of Washington. Prior to becoming an American citizen, Farouk was born in and raised in Egypt with a Coptic background, a descendant of ancient Egyptians. His doctoral dissertation at the University of Washington is a true interdisciplinary inquiry designed to reinterpret the ancient Egyptian experience for thoughtful reflections on modernity. He is the originator and organizer of Seattle Antioch's study-abroad program in Egypt: "Expedition into the Dawn of Time." He has published, lectured, and exhibited his art work in many cities in the USA, Egypt, and Europe. Farouk has taught design, creative thinking, and visual communication at the University of Washington, Louisiana State University, Texas Tech University, and Helwan University in Cairo, Egypt. He has given time and energy to many community and public services of which the Redmond Planning Commission is among the most recent ones. Farouk is also a registered architect and manages a private practice: Metadesign and Transplanning Consultants. Farouk has a special interest in the metaphysics of design and design communication.

Sue Woerhlin Sue Woehrlin , M.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in training, education and consultation. Core faculty, B.A. and M.A. Whole Systems Design Programs. Areas of active inquiry include design and facilitation of adult and experiential learning, reflective professional practice, collaborative team design, small group dynamics, organizational learning and visual, metaphoric, paradoxical and systems thinking.

Individualized Program
Adjunct Faculty

Individualized Program

Individualized Program
Administrative Assistants

Organization Systems Renewal
Core Faculty

Bob Woodruff Bob Woodruff , M.B.A., M.A. Manager and Core faculty member, Organization Systems Renewal (OSR) Program in Whole Systems Design. Holds degrees from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University and from Antioch University in Whole Systems Design. A practicing consultant, he works with leaders and their organizations in the processes of change. He focuses on organizational alignment using large scale change and Future Search methodologies, and skill acquisition using computer simulation. Bob has extensive background in business as an executive, with over 30 years of experience in general and marketing management and in human resource development with a Fortune 100 company. He brings a global systems perspective to his work having conducted business worldwide.

Elaine Jessen Elaine Jessen , M.A. Core faculty, Individualized and OSR Programs in Whole Systems Design. Currently completing doctoral work in Human and Organizational Systems with an emphasis on transcultural understanding. Consultant in the fields of organization and individual development. Designer and leader of Antioch Seattle's Whole Systems Design Department's study abroad program in Bali, Elaine is experienced in program development, designing system-wide change strategies, team and leadership training, and preferred futures planning. Her interests include metaphysics of systems philosophy and multicultural learning process.

Margaret Walker Margaret Walker , M.A. in Whole Systems Design with emphasis in Individual and Organizational Development, Antioch University Seattle. Core faculty OSR Program in Whole System Design. Currently completing doctoral work in Human and Organizational Systems through the Fielding Institute. She has a background in program design, customer- employee relations, and leadership training in non-profit organizations. Her current interests include non-local influence in social systems, whole systems approaches to adult learning, and collaborative writing.

Organization Systems Renewal
Adjunct Faculty

Organization Systems Renewal
Administrative Manager

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