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Bali 1998, Antioch University - Seattle

International Learning Process Course

Spring Quarter 1998


This April, the Whole Systems Design Department will be offering it's fifth research trip to Bali, Indonesia. Since 1991 groups of graduate students have been travelling to Bali engaging in inquiry and retracing the steps of Gregory Bateson's seminal work during the 1930's. The first research group, March 1991, was fortunate enough to share time with Nyoman Oka, one of Bateson's original acquaintances. Nyoman was more than eighty at that time and has since passed away.

Besides this rich, scholarly, historical perspective, Bali itself is a high-context, integrated, wholistic and aesthetic cultural experience. The preparatory months of orientation support students quick and easy immersion into the experience: ways which startlingly contrast with western European lifestyles, norms, values and beliefs. Art, music, dance, ceremony, family and community are the heart of Bali. The sheer physical beauty of the island is matched at every turn by the aesthetic details each Balinese brings to all aspects of living from the preparation of daily "offerings" to the practice of dance and gamelon. The group also experiences the pressures of development on this traditional culture.

Bali is the only Hindu island of the 17,000 which comprise Indonesia. Temples populate the island. Batik, puppetry, hand craftsmanship, painting, rituals and ceremonies entertain, enlighten and enwisen. Visits with traditional healers, and Udyana University faculty round out this immersion into contemporary Bali.

For more information on books about Bali and Balinese culture view our updated Bibliography. View are course description for this year's trip.

Our students from last year have generated some pages reflecting their experiences from the last trip. You can view them here.

The group departs April 19, 1998. For this years trip, please contact Corbin Lewars for further information.


Departure Date: April 19, 1998

Three-week return date: May 10, 1998

Two-month return date: June 18, 1998


Trip / Overseas Course Cost: $2,400.00

Course Tuition (10 credits): $2,025.00 additional (optional)
Non-matriculated academic fee: $400.00

Study Abroad Options Include:

Three-week Option:

Airfare, housing, two meals per day, in-country transportation for group field study, and Balinese Lecturers.

Independant Study / Travel Option:

Two-month option includes all of the above. Independent travel expenses beyond the three weeks are additional and not paid by the University, i.e. students are responsible for their own expenses beyond the three weeks.

Reserve your space today for next years trip with a $100.00 deposit. Contact Corbin Lewars via "snail-mail":

Corbin Lewars, Antioch University-Seattle,
2326 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, Wa., 98121
1-206-441-5352, ext. 5906

Space is limited: Please make checks payable to Whole Systems Design Institute


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