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Abbott, Edwin A.
ISBN 0062732765

Abraham, Ralph H. & Shaw, Christopher
Dynamics: The Geometry of Behavior Part One: Periodic Behavior
ISBN 0942344014

Abraham, Ralph H. & Shaw, Christopher
Dynamics: The Geometry of Behavior Part Three: Global Behavior
ISBN 0942344030

Abraham, Ralph H. & Shaw, Christopher
Dynamics: The Geometry of Behavior Part Four: Bifurcation Behavior
ISBN 0942344049

Ackerman, Diane
The Moon by Whale Light
ISBN 0679742263

Alexander, Christopher
Notes on the Synthesis of Form
ISBN 0674627512

Ackoff, Russell & Emery, Fred
On Purposeful Systems
ISBN 0202370003

Ackoff, Russell
Redesigning the Future
ISBN 0471002968

Ackoff, Russell
Ackoff’s Fables
ISBN 0471531944

Ackoff, Russell
Management in Small Doses
ISBN 0471617652

Alcoff, Linda & Potter, Elizabeth (eds.)
Feminist Epistemologies
ISBN 041590451X

Anzaldua, Gloria
Borderlands: La Frontera-the New Mestiza
ISBN 1879960125


Banathy, Bela H.
A Systems View of Education: Concepts and Principles for Effective Practice
ISBN 0877782458

Bateson, Gregory
Sacred Unity: Further Steps to an Ecology of Mind
ISBN 0062501003

Bateson, Gregory
ISBN 0804705208

Bateson, Gregory
Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity
ISBN 0525155902

Bateson, Gregory
Steps to and Ecology of Mind
ISBN 0345332911

Becker, Howard S. with Pamela Richards
Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book or Article
ISBN 0226041085

Belenky, M.F.; Clinchy, B.M.; Goldberger, N.R; Tarule, J.M.
Women’s Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind
ISBN 0465090990

Bellman, Geoffrey M.
The Quest for Staff Leadership
ISBN 0673181944

Benedict, Ruth
Patterns of Culture
ISBN 0395500885

Bennis, Warren
An Invented Life: Reflections on Leadership and Change
ISBN 0201627140

Bennis, Warren & Nanus, Burt
Leaders; The Strategies for Taking Charge
ISBN 006015246X

Berman, Morris
The Reenchantment of the World
ISBN 0801492254

Berryman, Gregg
Notes on Graphic Design and Visual Communication
ISBN 0913232866

Block, Peter
Flawless Consulting; A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
ISBN 0893840521

Bohm, David & Peat, F. David
Science, Order and Creativity: A Dramatic New Look at the Creative Roots of Science and Life
ISBN 0553344498

Bolles, Richard N.
The Three Boxes of Life: and How to Get Out of Them
ISBN 0913668583

Brand, Stewart
II Cybernetic Frontiers
ISBN 0394706897

Bransford, John D. & Stein, Barry S.
The Ideal Problem Solver
ISBN 0716722054

Bread for the World Institute
Hunger 1994: Transforming the Politics of Hunger
ISBN 0962805890

Bread for the World Institute
Hunger 1995: Causes of Hunger
ISBN 1884361501

Briggs, John
Fire in the Crucible: The Self-Creation of Creativity and Genius
ISBN 0874775477

Briggs, John P. & Peat, F. David
Looking Glass Universe; The Emerging Science of Wholeness
ISBN 0671632159

Brown, G. Spencer
Laws of Form
ISBN 3890943217

Brun, Herhert & Maturana, Humberto
Conference Workbook: Language, Emotion, the Social, and the Ethical


Capra, Fritjof
The Web of Life
ISBN 0385476752

Capra, Fritjof
The Turning Point
ISBN 0553343165

Carroll, Lewis
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
ISBN 0553210521

Casti, John L.
Searching for Certainty: What Scientists Can Know About the Future
ISBN 068811914X

Casti, John L.
Paradigms Lost: Tackling the Unanswered Mysteries of Modern Science
ISBN 0380711656

Certon, Marvin & O’Toole, Thomas
Encounter with the Future: A Forecast of Life into the 21st Century
ISBN 007010347X

Cook, Theodore Andrea
The Curves of Life
ISBN 048623701X

Cowan, John
Small Decencies: Reflections and Meditations on Being Human at Work
ISBN 0887305598

Collingwood, R.G.
The Idea of History
ISBN 0192853066

Cohen, Jack & Stewart, Ian
The Collapse of Chaos: Discovering Simplicity in a Complex World
ISBN 0140178740

Churchman, C. West
Thought and Wisdom
ISBN 9993039640

Churchman, C. West
The Systems Approach
ISBN 0440584590


Dalton, Bill
Bali Handbook
ISBN 1566910730

Daumal, Rene
Mount Analogue
ISBN 0877738505

Day, Robert A.
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper
ISBN 1573561649

De Bono, Edward
Six Thinking Hats
ISBN 0316177911

De Bono, Edward
ISBN 0140222332

De Bono, Edward
Lateral Thinking for Management
ISBN 0814452574

De Bono, Edward
The Happiness Purpose
ISBN 9990874131

De Bono, Edward
The 5-day Course in Thinking
ISBN 0140137890

De Bono, Edward
de Bono’s Thinking Course
ISBN 0816018952

De Bono, Edward
Atlas of Management Thinking
ISBN 0140224610

De Bono, Edward
Teaching Thinking
ISBN 0140137858

DePree, Max
Leadership is an Art
ISBN 0440503248

Douglass, Merrill & Douglass, Donna
Manage Your Time, Manage Your Work, Manage Yourself
ISBN 0814478255

Dobyns, Lloyd & Crawford-Mason, Clare
Thinking About Quality: Progress, Wisdom and the Deming Philosophy
ISBN 081292133X

Dillion, John J.
Foundations of General Systems Theory
ISBN 0914105051

Doczi, Gyorgy
The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture
ISBN 0394735803


Edwards, Betty
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
ISBN 087477523X

Eiseman, Fred B.
Bali: Sekala & Niskala: Vol. 1: Essays on Religion, Ritual, and Art
ISBN 0945971036

Eliot, T.S.
Selected Poems
ISBN 0156806479

Eliot, T.S.
Four Quartets
ISBN 0156332256

Erdman, David V., ed.
The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake
ISBN 0385152132

Eoyang, Glenda H.
Coping with Chaos: Seven Simple Tools
ISBN 1878117157

Escher, M.C.
The Graphic Work of M.C. Escher
ISBN 034532787X


Feather, Frank, ed.
Through the ‘80s: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
ISBN 0930242114

Flood, R.L.; Jackson, M.C.; & Key, P., eds.
Systems Prospects: The Next Ten Years of Systems Research
ISBN 0306433982

Ferguson, Marilyn
The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980’s
ISBN 0874771161

Field, Joanna
A Life of One’s Own
ISBN 087477201X

French, Wendell L.; Bell, Cecil H.; Zawacki, Robert A., eds.
Organization Development; Theory, Practice, and Research
ISBN 0256026890

Fritz, Robert
ISBN 0449908011

Fox, Warwick
Toward a Transpersonal Ecology: Developing New Foundations for Environmentalism
ISBN 0791427765

Forrester, Jay W.
World Dynamics
ISBN 1563270595

Fuller, R. Buckminster
Critical Path
ISBN 0312174918


Graham, Pauline, ed.
Follett, Mary Parker: Prophet of Management: A Celebration of Writings from the 1920’s
ISBN 0875845630

Gardner, Howard
Frames of Minds: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
ISBN 0465025099

Gibb, Jack R.
Trust: A New View of Personal and Organizational Development
ISBN 0896150062

Gleick, James
Chaos: Making a New Science
ISBN 0140092501

Grudin, Robert
The Grace of Great Things
ISBN 0395588685

Guba, Egon G., ed.
The Paradigm Dialog
ISBN 0803938233


Hanks, Kurt & parry, Jay A.
Wake Up Your Creative Genius
ISBN 0865760519

Hanson, F. Allan, ed.
Studies in Symbolism and Cultural Communication

Hackman, J. Richard, ed.
Groups That Work (and Those that Don’t): Creating Conditions for Effective Teamwork
ISBN 1555421873

Hall, Edward T.
The Hidden Dimension
ISBN 0385084765

Halprin, Lawrence
The RSVP Cycles: Creative Processes in the Human Environment
ISBN 0807605573

Harding, M. Esther
Psychic Energy: Its Source and Goal
ISBN 0691017905

Harman, Willis & Hormann, John
Creative Work: The Constructive Role of Business in a Transforming Society
ISBN 0941705129

Harman, Willis
Global Mind Change: The New Age Revolution in the Way We Think
ISBN 0446391476

Harris, Marvin
Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of Culture
ISBN 0394412400

Hateley, Barbara & Schmidt, Warren
A Peacock in the Land of Penguins: A Tale of Diversity and Discovery
ISBN 1576750108

Hawking, Stephen
A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
ISBN 055305340X

Henderson, Hazel
Creating Alternative Futures: The End of Economics
ISBN 1565490606

Herrigel, Eugen
Zen in the Art of Archery
ISBN 0375705090

Hiss, Tony
The Experience of Place
ISBN 0679735941

Hoestader, Douglas
Godel, Escher, Bach; An Eternal Golden Braid
ISBN 0465026567

Hooks, Bell
Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center
ISBN 0896082210

Hooks, Bell
Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics
ISBN 0896083853

Humphrey, R.L. & Associates
Paradigm Shift: Teach the Universal Values
ISBN 0915761009


Imai, Masaaki
Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success
ISBN 007554332X


Jackson, M.C.; Keys, P. & Cropper, S.A., eds.
Operational Research and the Social Sciences
ISBN 0306431491

Jaynes, Julian
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
ISBN 0395563526

Jacobs, Jane
Systems of Survival: A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics
ISBN 0679748164

Johnson, Kenneth; Senatore, John; Liebig, Mark; Minor, Gene
Nothing Never Happens

Johnston, Charles M.
Making Sense of Our Times

Johnston, Charles M.
The Tasks of Our Time: A Creative Systems Perspective on the Future and What It Asks of Us

Johnston, Charles M.
Pattern and Reality: A Brief Introduction to Creative Systems Theory

Johnston, Charles M.
The Power of Diversity: A Brief Introduction to the Creative Systems Personality Typology

Jones, Thomas E.
Options for the Future: A Comparative Analysis of Policy-Oriented Forecasts
ISBN 0030538416


Keen, Sam
Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man
ISBN 0553351370

Keys, Paul
Operational Research and Systems: The Systemic Nature of Operation Research
ISBN 0306436426

Kepner, Charles H. & Tregoe, Benjamin B.
The Rational Manager: A Systematic Approach to Problem Solving and Decision Making
ISBN 0070341753

Kidder, Louise H. & Judd, Charles M.
Research Methods in Social Relations
ISBN 0030024730

Kim, Scott
Inversions: A Catalog of Calligraphic Cartwheels
ISBN 0070345465

Kleiner, Art & Brand, Stewart, eds.
Ten Years of Coevolution Quarterly: News that Stayed News: 1974-1984
ISBN 0865472025

Koberg, Don & Bagnall, Jim
The Universal Traveler: A Soft-Systems Guide to: Creativity, Problem-Solving and the Process of Reaching Goals
ISBN 091323205X

Koestler, Arthur
Janus: A Summing Up
ISBN 0394728866

Kropotkin, Peter
Memoirs of a Revolution
ISBN 0921689195

Kuhn, Thomas S.
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
ISBN 0226458083


The Ladakh Project
Ecological Steps Towards a Sustainable Future

Lessem, Ronnie
Developmental Management: Principles of Holistic Business
ISBN 0631168443

Levi-Strauss, Claude
ISBN 080704671X

Laszlo, Ervin
The Systems View of the World
ISBN 0807606367

Laszlo, Ervin
Evolution: The Grand Synthesis
ISBN 0877733899

Lee, Kai N.
Compass and Gyroscope: Integrating Science and Politics for the Environment
ISBN 1559631988

Lewin, Roger
Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos
ISBN 0025704850

Lipnack, Jessica & Stamps, Jeffery
Networking: The First Report and Directory: People Connecting with People, Linking Ideas and Resources
ISBN 0385177720

Lipset, David
Gregory Bateson: The Legacy of a Scientist
ISBN 0807046639

Lorenz, Konrad Z.
King Solomon’s Ring
ISBN 0452011752

Lovejoy, Arthur O.
The Great Chain of Being: A Study of the History of an Idea
ISBN 0674361539


Mager, Robert F.
Goal Analysis
ISBN 1879618044

Mager, Robert F.
Developing Attitude Toward Learning
ISBN 187961815X

Mager, Robert F.
Preparing Instructional Objectives
ISBN 1879618036

Mager, Robert F.
Measuring Instructional Intent or Got a Match?
ISBN 1879618168

Mager, Robert F. & Pipe, Peter
Analyzing Performance Problems or ‘You Really Oughta Wanna’
ISBN 1879618176

Mander, Jerry
In the Absence of the Sacred
ISBN 0844669512

Masuda, Yoneji
The Information Society as Post-Industrial Society
ISBN 0930242157

May, Rollo
The Courage to Create
ISBN 0553263617

Maturana, Humberto; Powers, William; & Von Glasersfeld, Ernst
Texts in Cybernetic Theory (conference workbook)

Minnich, Elizabeth Kamarck
Transforming Knowledge
ISBN 0877228809

Meadows, Donella; Meadows, Dennis; & Randers, Jorgen
Beyond the Limits: Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a Sustainable Future
ISBN 0930031628

Milbrath, Lester W.
Envisioning a Sustainable Society: Learning Our Way Out
ISBN 0791401634

Miller, James Grier
Living Systems
ISBN 0870813633

Mohrman, Susan Albers & Cummings, Thomas G.
Self-Designing Organizations: Learning How to Create High Performance
ISBN 0201146037

Mollison, Bill
Introduction to Permaculture
ISBN 0908228082

Moraga, Cherrie & Anzaldua, Gloria, eds.
This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color
ISBN 091317503X

Morgan, Gareth
Imaginazation: The Art of Creative Management
ISBN 0803952996

Musashi, Miyamoto
The Book of Five Rings; The Real Art of Japanese Management
ISBN 0877739986


Naisbitt, John
Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives
ISBN 0446512516

Naisbitt, John & Aburdene, Patricia
Re-inventing the Corporation: Transforming Your Job and Your Company for the New Information Society
ISBN 0446512842

Norberg-Hodge, Helena
Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh
ISBN 0871566435


Odum, Eugene
Ecology: The Link between the Natural and Social Sciences
ISBN 0030047714

Olds, Linda E.
Metaphors of Interrelatedness: Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology
ISBN 0791410110


Pask, Gordon
An Approach to Cybernetics
ISBN 0091194903

Peccei, Aurelio
One Hundred Pages for the Future: Reflections of the President of the Club of Rome
ISBN 0451621395

Peirce, Neal R.
Citistates: How Urban America Can Prosper in a Competitive World
ISBN 0929765168

Peters, Thomas J. & Waterman, Robert H.
In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-run Companies
ISBN 0783881142

Peters, Tom
Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution
ISBN 0060971843

Pirsig, Robert M.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
ISBN 0606039600



Reich, Robert B.
The Work of Nations: Preparing Ourselves for the 21st Century Capitalism
ISBN 0394583523

Richardson, George P.

Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory
ISBN 0812213327

Rifkin, Jeremy
Entropy: A New World View
ISBN 0553202154

Rogers, Carl R.
Freedom to Learn
ISBN 0024031216

Rubin, Milton D.
Systems in Society

Russell, Peter
The Global Brain: Speculations on the Evolutionary Leap to Planetary Consciousness
ISBN 1885261055

Ryan, Paul
Birth and Death and Cybernation: Cybernetics of the Sacred
ISBN 0677043201


Sacks, Oliver
An Anthropologist on Mars
ISBN 0679756973

Samuelson, Paul
Economics: An Introduction Analysis
ISBN 0070747415

Schindler-Rainman, Eva & Lippitt, Ronald
Team Training for Community Change: Concepts, Goals, Strategies and Skills
ISBN 0883902176

Schindler-Rainman, Eva & Lippitt, Ronald
Building the Collaborative Community: Mobilizing Citizens for Action
ISBN 088390201X

Schon, Donald A.
Educating the Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action
ISBN 1555420257

Schneebaum, Tobias
Keep the River on your Right
ISBN 0802131336

Seiler, John A.
Systems Analysis in Organizational Behavior
ISBN 0256005249

Shah, Indries
Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way
ISBN 0140195130

Stewart, Ian
Does God Play Dice?: The Mathematics of Chaos
ISBN 1557861064

Stone, Roger D.
The Nature of Development: A Report from the Rural Tropics on the Quest for Sustainable Economic Growth
ISBN 0394583582


Takaki, Ronald
A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America
ISBN 0316831115

Taylor, Alastair M. & Taylor, Angus M.
Science and Causality: A Historical Perspective

Theobald, Robert
Futures Conditional
ISBN 0672516713

Thompson, William Irwin, ed.
Gaia: A Way of Knowing: Political Implications of the New Biology
ISBN 0892810807

Tufte, Edward R.
Envisioning Information
ISBN 0961392118



von Bertalanffy, Ludwig
General Systems Theory: Foundations, Development, Applications
ISBN 0807604534

von Oech, Roger
A Kick in the Seat of the Pants: Using Your Explorer, Artist, Judge, and Warrior to be More Creative
ISBN 0060960248

von Oech, Roger
A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative
ISBN 0446391581


Warfield, John N.
Societal Systems
ISBN 0471015695

Waterman, Robert H.
The Renewal Factor: How the Best Get and Keep the Competitive Edge
ISBN 0553052268

Watzlawick, Paul; Weakland, John; Fisch, Richard
Change: Principles of Problem Formulation and Problem Resolution
ISBN 0393011046

Wheeler, Tony & Lyon, James
Bali and Lombok
ISBN 0864421338

Wheatley, Margaret J.
Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organization from an Orderly Universe
ISBN 188105201X

Weisberg, Robert W.
Creativity: Genius and other Myths: What You, Mozart, Einstein & Picasso Have in Common...
ISBN 0716717697

Wiener, Norbert
The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society
ISBN 0306803208

Wiener, Norbert
Ex-Prodigy: My Childhood and Youth
ISBN 0821804154

Wiener, Norbert
Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and Machine
ISBN 026273009X

Wilhelm, Richard & Baynes, Cary F., translators
The I Ching: Or the Book of Changes
ISBN 069109750X



Yates, F. Eugene
Self-Organizing Systems: The Emergence of Order
ISBN 0306421453


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